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What are the pros & cons of a silk lace top wig

A while back, the silk base closure wig used to be well sought after before the lace wigs became so popular. The fact that lace wig is all we hear lately doesn’t mean the silk lace wig doesn’t have its strength, in fact there are people who still prefer to use a silk base wig. But unfortunately, some beginners (millennials ) didn’t get the chance to see for themselves what the lace wig alternative had to offer, millennials came to know about wigs when the Lace wigs were dominating social media.
Although no one really knows why the silk wigs are not being talked about as much as lace wigs , it could be because people love to try new things. Whatever the reasons are, people gradually, slowly transitioned to using lace wigs and most people joined the tren. Though there are people who still very much use a silk wig, beginners are just a little Percent. I’d give you the pros and cons of a silk wig, and you’d decide for yourself if it’s worth trying.

What is silk lace top wig?

The silk lace top wig has silk at the crown. So at the place where you’d do your part, it has silk instead of lace. But in all other places it has lace. Unlike a lace wig, you won’t find knots on your silk top and so you don’t have to go through the process of bleaching. It’s made in a way that the strands of hair are pulled through the silk base after it’s tied to the lace, so the silk hides the knots. The silk helps hide the grids of the lace. With The silk you can’t see the lace as well as the knots. The silk top mimics the scalp, it looks so much like a real scalp. Your part won’t be as wide as a lace, and your hair leaves the silk exactly how your real hair leaves your scalp.

Pros of silk lace top wig

* The silk top wig usually looks Fuller
* The silk top wig mimics the natural scalp. It has the look of a scalp.
* It is knotless at the point you’d want to do your part, which is where the silk is located. So you don’t have to go through the stress of bleaching it.

Cons of silk lace top wig

* It is expensive
* It might not take the colour of your skin. You could either lightly apply a concealer or tint it.

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