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Face Make-up tips for your online meetings and video conferences

With what is currently happening in the world and the pandemic issue, there has been an increasing need to work from home, partake in online interviews, Increased rate of online meeting and conference calls and thus the needing to adequately prepare for these virtual situations.
In this blog, I would be giving tips on how to appear professional as well as make-up tips to make you look as presentable as possible.

Considering a makeover for work/conference calls?

If you’re the type of person that loves to wear makeup to work and give a very professional appearance, that should not change. You should remain consistent with it when you’re on an online meeting if not you might look tired and unpresentable. The point is, do not change your outlook you might appear negatively different. Secondly,
It could be you previously don’t wear makeup to work, but now you are needing to apply at least a light make up for your online meetings because the camera has the ability to make people look very gaunt. If you don’t shape your face a little bit with some colour, it can make you look extra tired on camera. A dull look like you just rolled out of bed. To avoid this and to look as professional as possible, you would need to apply light makeup.

Makeup Tips for zoom/conference calls

* Put on some light makeup; You might not have the time to do an overtly showy make-up but ensure you wear makeup.
* Make sure you even out your skin tone.
* Darken your eyebrows
* Put on some eyeliner
* Add some colours to your cheeks with your blush.
* Use a lip gloss
These are the basics, which you can’t afford to leave out before you start your online meeting. Because it’s a professional setting, you want to look your best. You need to feel good about yourself.

Extra tips on giving an excellent outlook on camera

* If you feel your laptop camera is not good enough, use a plug-in web cam so the quality of the camera is a little bit higher, sharper and helps you look more professional.
* Make sure your camera is on same eye level with you. This would prevent a scenario that’d make you seem to be looking down. To achieve this, place your laptop on a stack of books.
* Avoid looking too long at yourself, it is usually obvious that you are. So instead face the people you’re talking to.
* Ensure your lighting is perfect. Make sure you’re sitting in front of an open window so it illuminates your face and background.
* Make sure your background is very presentable.

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